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        “Longevity Drug”NMN, causing a capital shock

        Number of visits: Date:2020年8月12日 08:56
              In mid-July, NMN stocks become a black horse in the market, related companies’stocks rose by the daily limit, the related stock rose by the daily limit of eight in 11 days. Recent concept plate and weekly decline more than 10%.
              NMN full name is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide, it’s the precursor of NAD. NAD participants in more than 500 kinds of reactions in the body, provide energy, effectively delay aging process.
              In 2019, the global anti-aging market exceed 190 billion US dollars. As a new anti-aging health care product, NMN will be widely concerned about its safety and efficacy.  SyncoZymes produced NMN raw material by enzymatic process in GMP factory, and it has passed the acute safety toxicity test. SyncoZymes is the leading manufacturer of NMN.

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