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        • 产品名称: Immobilized Lipase (CALB): Recombinant Lipase B from Candida antarctica (CALB)
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        • 上架时间: 2017-05-10
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        Recombinant Lipase B from Candida antarctica (CALB) is produced by submerged fermentation with genetically modified Pichia pastoris.
        CALB can be used in the water phase or organic phase catalytic esterification, esterolysis, transesterification, ring opening polyester synthesis, aminolysis, hydrolysis of amides, acylation of amines and addition reaction.
        CALB is with high chiral selectivity and position selectivity, so it can be widely used in oil processing, food, medicine, cosmetic and other chemical industries.

        Immobilized CALB
        CALB is immobilized by physical adsorption on the highly hydrophobic resin that is a macroporous, styrene/methacrylate polymer. Immobilized CALB is suitable for applications in organic solvents and solvent-free systems, and can be recycled and reused for much times in suitable conditions.
        Product Code (Immobilized CALB): SZ-PLE-100(CALB)-IMMO.

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