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Enzyme Evolution

Natural enzymes are capable of catalyzing reactions with high rate accelerations and excellent stereo-selectivities. It makes enzymes very attractive as a catalyst in the synthesis of high-value and complex molecules, especially when traditional chemistry routes are difficult to implement. However in many cases, natural enzymes are not good enough for efficient industrial synthetic processes because of its narrow range of substrates. For many non-natural substrates, natural enzymes are inactive or have very poor stereo-chemistry. Therefore people need rational designed enzymes instead of natural enzymes to deal with novel substrates in many industrial applications. With protein engineering, people can dramatically improve catalysis activities, stereo-selectivities, substrate specificities, or stabilities of enzymes for specific target substrates.


SyncoZymes is capable of performing DNA shuffling, directed evolution, and rational design on enzymes. We have computational and experimental resources to carry out homology modeling, structure optimization, substrate docking, and high throughput screening. Our facilities for protein engineering include a super-computer working station, Q-Pix system, plate reader, HPLC, liquid handler, PCR instrument, and UV-Vis spectrometer. With sequence information, our scientists can build up the best fit structure model for the target enzyme and then figure out its active site and substrate binding mode. With above information, we are capable of rationally designing and engineering enzymes to improve their performances in industrial applications. Our team already successfully completed several cases, e.g. increasing enantio-selectivity of an ATA and improving catalytic activity of a KRED.



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