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SyncoZymes undertakes the management and operates the R&D public service platform in Shanghai international medical park, and can provide customers of small molecule testing and quality research services, she had equipped with  NMR, LCMS, GCMS, HPLC, GC, protein purifier, crystal detection, preparative HPLC and other instruments.


Shared Instruments Service Items
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus ¹HNMR, FNMR, CNMR, Variable temperature NMR, Quantitative NMR
Liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer LC-MS,MS
Automatic potentiometric titrator Non-aqueous titration,Routine titration
Gas chromatograph Routine GC, Chiral GC, Solvent residue
Melting point meter Melting point determination
Gas chromatography - mass spectrometry GC-MS
Preparative HPLC Hire(Flow rate 20ml/min-120ml/min )
Ultra performance liquid chromatography Purity test
Moisture Meter Moisture determination (non-aldehyde-ketone samples, aldehyde-ketone samples)
Muffle furnace Residue on ignition
Protein Purifier Protein purification (Hire)
Celetrix Celetrix (Hire)
Celetrix (Hire) Loss on drying , Vacuum
X-ray single crystal diffractometer、Laser particle size analyzer、X-ray powder diffractometer、Thermo gravimetric analyzer、Dynamic moisture adsorption、Differential scanning calorimeter、Infrared、Scanning electron microscope、On-line infrared、On-line particle sizer、Fully automatic synthesis reactor、Supercritical fluid crystallization pharmaceutical equipment SXRD、PSD、PXRD、TGA、DVS、DSC、IR、SEM、Online IR、Online PSD、Fully automatic synthesis reactor、Supercritical fluid crystallization pharmaceutical equipment