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Enzyme Development

SyncoZymes can provide a wide range of enzymes for biotransformation in the pharmaceutical. She can develop biological enzyme-cat process to instead for some chemistry methods for customers, and can produce and supply enzymes for commercial scale.


Enzyme Evolution

SyncoZymes has strong strengths in genetic modification, directed evolution, and rational enzyme design. Relying on the unique enzyme directed evolution platform, SyncoZymes can carry out molecular modification of enzyme proteins for specific substrates as needed, so as to improve the activity, selectivity and stability of enzymes, making them capable of large-scale industrial production. We have complete computer simulation and molecular biology experimental equipment, including: supercomputer working platform, PCR instrument, microplate reader, high performance liquid chromatography, Q-Pix system, liquid dispenser, spectrophotometer, etc. , which can successfully complete various tasks such as homology simulation, structure optimization, docking simulation and high-throughput screening.


Enzyme Production

SyncoZymes is a leading supplier of enzymes, and has been committed to the development and innovation of the research and development and application of biotransformation. At present, we have developed and produced more than 10,000 kinds of enzymes in 38 categories through fermentation, which are widely used by customers. We have successfully completed lab scale and industrial scale enzyme production for our customers.

Our fermentation team has rich experience in R&D and production. The laboratory is equipped with a 3~100 liter fermenter, and the fermentation workshop is equipped with a 5~30 ton fermenter, which can quickly meet the needs of customers from grams to tons of enzymes.


Enzyme Application

SyncoZymes has an enzyme library with more than 10,000 enzymes in 40 series. Using our enzymes, we can catalyze a variety of chemical reactions and continue to conduct more application research of enzymes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have needs in biotransformation process.